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Simon Rostami

DSP engineer & design

With a profound interest in the interplay between musical instruments, performative synthesizers, and technical engineering, Simon stands at the nexus of innovation and tradition. A background in Sound and Music Computing and a solid foundation in audio research underpin Simon's expertise. Over 12 years spent honing his craft in electronic music production further fuels his passion for pushing the boundaries of sound creation. Delving into the realms of oldschool analog synthesizers, creative control surfaces and cutting-edge digital audio, Simon is committed to mastering these diverse elements.

Simon has dedicated significant research efforts to the physical modeling of rare, antique, and fragile instruments, bringing these historical sounds back to life in the digital age, currently exhibited at The Danish Music Museum. This journey into digital resurrection has been complemented by Simon's work in interface design, creating expressive and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the musical experience. At Componental, Simon is a catalyst for innovation, seamlessly blending technical precision with a passion for musical heritage, ensuring our products are as expressive as they are advanced.

Simon Rostami
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