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See you at Sónar in Barcelona 2024 !

Updated: Mar 31

From June 13th till June 15th 2024, Componental will present Dubby at the renowned Sonár+D festival and conference in Barcelona, marking an amazing moment on our journey within the music technology industry. We will be at the Exhibitor Area for Sónar+D together with greats like BEFACO, Aalto University, IRCAM Forum, NANO Modules, Essentia, Making Sound Machines, and OXI Instruments

Componental crew arm in arm celebrating

This participation is a great opportunity to be part of a vibrant platform and showcase and demonstrate our revolutionary capabilities of Dubby. Sonár+D, celebrated for its fusion of creativity, technology, and innovation in the music world, provides the perfect backdrop for Componental to connect and engage with a global community of musicians, technologists, and industry pioneers.

Being part of Sonár+D is a testament to Componental’s pioneering spirit and Dubby's innovative essence. We are thrilled to exhibit in front of an audience as passionate about the future of music as Sonár attendees are. This event will enable us to receive direct feedback from our users and peers, further refine our offerings, and explore collaborations that could shape the future of music creation and performance.

Are you joining us at Sónar 2024?

  • Yes ! (SEE YOU THERE!) 🤗

  • No... 😭

  • Strongly considering it 💜

We look forward to exploring new partnerships and collaborations and exchanging ideas and sodas/beers with some of the most forward-thinking minds and entities in the music industry worldwide.

Here's to a great celebration of innovation on the journey towards revolutionising music technology.

Get ready to meet TECHNO DUBBY for this special occasion 👊 🎛️ 🥳 💜 😎

dubby glow in the dark acryllic case with new sexy black pcb

All the best,

Componental Crew 💜

Make music not war

Love is the answer


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