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Maimouna Diarra

PR & Marketing

Maimouna merges the worlds of communication and project management with her rich background in global and international development studies. She's carved a niche in crafting sustainable solutions and driving initiatives that bring about substantial change, leveraging her keen understanding of complex issues.

At the heart of Maimouna's skill set is her profound approach to communication—marked by clear, empathetic, and efficient strategies. Her expertise extends to performing incisive audience analysis and orchestrating full-fledged social media campaigns, ensuring our messaging resonates deeply with our audience, customers, and stakeholders.

Maimouna's prowess in research and project management shines through from conception to execution. She possesses a proven track record as a research consultant, expertly navigating project planning phases, identifying funding avenues, and articulating project frameworks to craft persuasive proposals. Her integrated experience fortifies our team's capability in project execution, funding strategies, and impactful communication.

Maimouna Diarra
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