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Componental crew at the office in Copenhagen

About Componental

At Componental, our story is rooted in the shared vision of two passionate individuals: Rasmus Kjærbo and Leo Fogadić. United by their love for music and technology, they embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of electronic music creation.


As avid musicians and seasoned engineers, Rasmus and Leo understood the limitations of traditional music hardware and the untapped potential of modern technology. Drawing inspiration from their experiences in the electronic music scene, they set out to create something new and unique—a platform that would empower musicians to unleash their creativity like never before.

Together, they conceptualized Dubby—a modular music platform that would blur the lines between hardware and software, offering musicians unprecedented control over their sound. With Rasmus' expertise in DJing and music technology as an Ableton Certified Trainer and Leo's background in classical piano and programming, they brought Dubby to life, combining technical prowess with artistic sensibility.


Since its inception, Componental has been driven by the shared passion and dedication of not only Leo and Rasmus, but our growing team and community of artist. The combined passion and commitment to innovation and excellence has propelled Dubby to the forefront of the music technology industry, inspiring musicians to push the boundaries of creativity.

About Componental

The Journey

Compontal's journey began in 2022, rooted in a vision to transform the music technology landscape. The company was founded on principles of innovation and creativity, aiming to equip musicians with tools to maximize their potential. Shortly after starting, Compontal joined the Beyond Beta Soundtech Incubator at Sound Hub Denmark, leading to the creation of Dubby—a groundbreaking music platform designed to revolutionize the creation and performance of electronic music.

In 2023, Compontal's innovative efforts were recognized with the Mikrolegat grant from Fonden for Entreprenørskab, providing essential resources for Dubby's development. The company has showcased Dubby at prominent industry events worldwide, including TechBBQ in Copenhagen, Web Summit in Portugal, and High End Messe in Munich, receiving significant acclaim.

Compontal's innovation was further acknowledged when it won a pitch battle at Danish Sound Day 2023. Currently, Compontal is participating in the Innofounder programme and the Beyond Beta Accelerator Programme, receiving support and guidance to prepare Dubby for the market and gearing up for the next stage of their journey.

See you at Sonar 2024 !

In 2024, Componental will present Dubby at the renowned Sonár+D conference in Barcelona, marking an amazing moment on our journey within the music technology industry.

We look forward to exploring new partnerships and collaborations and exchanging ideas and sodas/beers with some of the most forward-thinking minds and entities in the music industry worldwide.


Here's to a great celebration of innovation on the journey towards revolutionising music technology.

Our Mission 

At Componental, our mission transcends the conventional boundaries that often separate advanced open-source solutions from accessible, customisable audio devices. We strive to dismantle barriers, making the world of cutting-edge technology and tailor-made products accessible to every user.


In a landscape dominated by specialised technology, we belive in democratising technology, thus empowering you to shape your audio experience according to your unique preferences

Our vision is to offer a paradigm shift - an ecosystem where openness, modularity and repairability can converge seamlessly. 

In a world where consumerism often overshadows sustainability, we seek to stand as pioneers advocating for a music industry that seeks away from the current discourse of the "Gear Acquisition Syndrom", to instead focus on building open-source music devices, such as our own Dubby. 

Our Vision

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bridge the gap that separate closed-source, limited-capability devices from the complex and seemingly inaccessible platforms available today.

We strive to create a middle ground - an intersection where innovation meets usability. Hence offering a device that offers advanced technology, whilst also providing the customer with an accessible and user-friendly interface.

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