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  • Dubby pre-release - batch 2
  • Dubby pre-release - batch 2
  • Dubby pre-release - batch 2

Dubby pre-release - batch 2

Dubby enclosure - acrylic colour

Dubby - Limited Pre-Release Edition (second batch - 2/3 month delivery time)


We are thrilled to announce that our initial pre-release batch of Dubby has sold out due to overwhelming interest! This batch was offered at an exclusive, discounted rate of €335 (2.500 DKK).


We are delighted to offer a second pre-release batch in response to the continued high demand. While this batch will have longer lead times, it is an exceptional opportunity for dedicated early adopters who wish to be part of our journey even before Dubby's official launch. Please note that the price for this batch is adjusted €402 (3,000 DKK), moving closer to our final release price.


Thank you for your enthusiastic support. We're excited to welcome more early adopters into our community as we prepare for the official release of our hardware.


Introducing Dubby – the avant-garde essence of Componental’s revolution in music gear. This isn't just another piece of equipment; it’s an invitation to be part of an audio evolution ahead of the curve. Cheers to long-lasting, ever-loving, never-dust-collecting awesome, exciting, inspiring music equipment!


Innovative Design

Crafted meticulously, Dubby embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology with an intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless experience for both novices and pros. This is a device you want to play!


Power-packed Performance

Engineered to perfection and performance, Dubby offers unparalleled quadrophonic audio processing in the highest quality, ensuring every note, beat, and blip is captured and processed with utmost precision.


Customizable & Modular

Tailor your musical experience with the modular design, allowing you to adapt and evolve as your sonic ambitions grow.


Eco-conscious Crafts

Keeping our vision, Dubby is built with sustainability at its core. It's not just good for your music but for our planet, too.


The Exclusive Opportunity

This limited pre-release is more than just early access to Dubby; it’s a chance to join the Componental family before our grand launch in 2024. By choosing Dubby, you're investing in a product and a vision - a movement to redefine music technology for the future.


Take advantage of this limited opportunity. Dive into the world of Componental with Dubby and let your musical imagination run wild.


Stock is very limited, and with the buzz around our upcoming launch, they're flying off the virtual shelves. Grab yours and be the trendsetter in your local musical community!


*we develop the algorithm option* is an exclusive deal where we negotiate the added work and price for making your custom algorithm after the purchase. We'll get in touch about the future work and collaboration 🤗❤️🎉

  • Dubby is the cutting-edge fusion of intuitive design and superior audio engineering, crafted to revolutionize music creation and performance


    • Height: 6,0 cm (from feet to knob cap top)
    • Width: 22,8 cm (from button to button)
    • Depth: 11,7 cm (without jack connector protrusion)
    • Weight: 400 grams

    Main Features

    • Quadrophonic Input & Output: Delivers four-channel surround sound for an exciting, expressive, and immersive audio experience
    • Customizable Audio Algorithms: Tailor your sound with proprietary algorithms or craft your own
    • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Supports integration with Rust, C++, Arduino, gen (Max by Cycling '74), and Pure Data
    • User-friendly Interface: Intuitive controls, click-action buttons, XY-thumb joystick, push encoder, and a high-resolution OLED screen for seamless navigation
    • Extreme Audio Fidelity: 96 kHz / 24-bit AC-Coupled processing (can be adjusted down to increase processing power if needed)


    • Audio Outputs: 2 x ¼” TRS Stereo Jacks (4-channels total)
    • Audio Inputs: 2 x ¼” TRS Stereo Jacks (4-channels total)
    • MIDI: In/Out via full-size DIN connector, THRU option via software
    • USB: Type-C for data transfer, power, and USB MIDI


    • External Power Adapter: A 5 Volts 0.5 Amperes charger can power Dubby (e.g. standard smartphone charger)
    • Battery: Use Dubby on the go with a standard phone power bank

    Storage & Memory

    • 8 MB external flash
    • RAM: 64 MB SDRAM for up to 10 minute long audio buffers


    • ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, clocked at 480MHz

    Materials & Finish:

    • High-grade acrylic chassis for durability and repairability
    • Custom-made performance knob caps and buttons
    • Matte/glossy finish in colours: see colour selector for choices

    Software & Firmware

    • Pre-installed with a collection of exclusive Componental audio algorithms
    • Open platform allows for easy third-party development and integration

    Safety & Compliance

    • Meets relevant safety standards and certifications
    • Environmentally aware: Adheres to Componental's environmental policy

    Package Contents

    • Dubby device
    • Quick start guide
    • Warranty & Registration card
    • Peace & Love


    • 303-week limited warranty on manufacturing defects
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