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The Ultimate Music Multi-Tool

Dubby is a quadrophonic open-source musical power tool built with the highest quality audio components and a fully customizable software environment.


Today, your favourite reverb and delay effect, tomorrow, a dripping 303-style acid bassline generator!


Your tool, your choice, your style, your art!

Dubby is created for musicians and artists who work just as much on stage as in the studio. Built for intuitive interaction, fostering immersion and flow, we have carefully designed the hardware interface with select controls.

Designed and built by musicians - for musicians.

— Andreas Wetterberg
Artist / Musician / Creative Coder

"Like many musicians, I sit in front of a computer most of the day. When we look away from the screen and the office, this often happens at the expense of the flexibility offered by modern software.

For the first time, I could take my favourite software elements into more demanding environments, like live studio production, with Dubby. One moment, a crazy effects machine; the next, maybe a synthesizer - and I can choose how distinctive and fine-tuned everything should be. A Swiss Army knife, where I chose the blade myself.


In the world of dedicated audio hardware, other flexible solutions often cost 4-5 times as much. So, it's right to recommend Dubby to my friends - the other geeks and those who want to plug and play."

Dubby is the revolutionary music hardware for electronic musicians that every artist needs. It's programmable in popular software development languages like Gen (Max), Pure Data, and C++ (with plans to support Rust and Arduino).


Change existing programs and make them entirely new. Upload new audio effects and synthesizers straight from your browser. With Dubby, you'll have endless possibilities for creativity and artistic expression.

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Dubby at TechBBQ 2023, Copenhagen

We had the pleasure of joining Beyond Beta with the industry's leading innovation and start-up talent at TechBBQ 2023 in Copenhagen. It was a true pleasure to be among Sound Hub Denmark and Danish Sound Cluster.

It was incredible to experience the interest and feedback related to Dubby as we showcased the device.


Dubby is a performance-oriented, open-source tactile audio device representing a significant step forward in real-time, high-fidelity quadrophonic audio processing for electronic musicians, music producers, and DJs.

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See you at Sónar+D 2024 !

In 2024, Componental will present Dubby at the renowned Sonár+D conference in Barcelona, marking an amazing moment on our journey within the music technology industry.


This participation is a great opportunity to be part of a vibrant platform and showcase and demonstrate our revolutionary capabilities of Dubby. Sonár+D, celebrated for its fusion of creativity, technology, and innovation in the music world, provides the perfect backdrop for Componental to connect and engage with a global community of musicians, technologists, and industry pioneers.


Being part of Sonár+D is a testament to Componental’s pioneering spirit and Dubby's innovative essence. We are thrilled to exhibit in front of an audience as passionate about the future of music as Sonár attendees are. This event will enable us to receive direct feedback from our users and peers, further refine our offerings, and explore collaborations that could shape the future of music creation and performance.

We look forward to exploring new partnerships and collaborations and exchanging ideas and sodas/beers with some of the most forward-thinking minds and entities in the music industry worldwide.


Here's to a great celebration of innovation on the journey towards revolutionising music technology.

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