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Meet Dubby
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Dubby is a cutting-edge modular stand-alone audio effect and synthesizer designed for electronic music producers, performers, and DJs. With its customizable real-time audio effects and versatile synthesis capabilities, Dubby empowers users to explore endless sonic possibilities.


Think of Dubby as your music platform, where you can load music apps onto, like synthesizers, samplers, and effects. You choose how Dubby sounds and how to interact with it - completely stand-alone, without the computer.


Tech specs: With quadrophonic audio processing (4 inputs & 4 outputs), MIDI connectivity (DIN), and USB-C power, Dubby offers seamless stand-alone integration into any studio or live setup.


Upload audio algorithms and synthesis patches of your own choice to Dubby and switch its internals to the best dub delay, spacey reverb, modulating filter, phaser, flanger, sequencer, quad mixer, or design and program your very own audio algorithms in Max/Gen, C++, Arduino, Rust or PureData.

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